Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, 4plex Manufactured, Modular, Mobile, Condo

Commercial, Multi-Family, Mix Use Apartments, Office Building, Retail, Hotel, Motel, Agricultural,

Land, Rural, Urban, Raw, Construction

Unimproved, Improved, Ground Up

Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out


We do not work direct with borrowers. You must work with a licensed California Broker only. Please contact one and direct

them back to us. We only work with Real Estate Professionals.

Fund Now Call 888-910-5752

Maximize your sales by having your clients funded fast with a direct lender.

Realtor compensation allowed. 

Same Day Approvals. 

​Fast Same Day Approvals. Brokers Protected.

No up front fees. No Caps. Competitive rates.  

In-House Funds with In-House docs and funding departments. Stated Income/SIVA/SISA/No Doc. Second Home, Investment , Non Owner,  Vacant, Business Purpose, Rehab, Bad/No Credit OK. 

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​Direct access to secure high quality Real Estate backed loans. 1st Trust Deed local opportunities in your area.
Earn High Yield. Our team of finance and real estate experts review each loan using strict guidelines, advanced technology, and data analytics to get the top high-quality trust deed mortgage investments.

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